“Nocino” Liquor


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Natural Liquor with hydroalcoholic extract of fresh walnuts with husks from 200 ml.

Alcohol by volume of 40%

Ingredients: neutral grain alcohol. Alcohol by volume of 96.5%, white sugar beet, hydroalcoholic extract of fresh walnuts with husks, caramelized sugar, flavorings, hydro-alcoholic extracts of cinnamon, lemon peels, cloves.

Allergens: nuts (walnuts), does not contain gluten and GMOs, vegetable raw materials do not contain animal derivatives

It is recommended to serve liquor at a temperature of 16-18°C.

Curiosity: the Nocino, “elixir of walnuts” is prepared by picking these unripe fruits on the night of San Giovanni (between 23 and 24 June)